This piece I'm calling "Corridor Roses". Created in 2019 finished in 2020.
Last October I was a part of an Art Exhibition at the Cresent Beach Popup Gallery and while I was there for the 2 weeks I wanted to challenge myself to start and finish an art piece on this 36" Diameter Circle wood Panel. 
I went looking for inspiration from my iPhone photos and found one of the roses that grow in-between my apartment building and the one next to us. The only reason I know about them is from walking my dog through there, I have taken to calling that walkway "The Corridor of Spiders" since at certain times of year the garden spiders will make webs that span the width of the path in the trees and if you don't walk through there karate style — you will do the spider dance to get the webs out of your hair.... Anyhow, I love the light and composition of these particular flowers.
I also wanted to challenge myself to mashup some techniques that I had been trying - this piece is truly mixed media. The background is my favourite indigo acrylic ink that I textured by roughing it up with sandpaper. The stems and leaves are pencil crayon sketches. The Flowers were build up with a light dimensional ground, on top of which I painted with watercolours and accented with metallic paint and Posca markers. It is finished with resin which I have sanded and polished to a satin finish. 
I am really enjoying having it in my front hallway, it always amazes me when a piece was fulfilling to create and is still something I love to look at when it's done. That said, this piece is for sale. and if you are interested it please email me at
here's some progress photos from when I was at the gallery working on it.
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